Nah, it’s not anti-gun bigotry

At least, it isn’t if you’re in New Jersey.

Matthew Carmel’s son played in the South Orange-Maplewood Baseball League last year and he wanted to sponsor a team in the coming season. A sponsorship costs $300.

The league committee rejected his offer, and Carmel thinks that it is because his business happens to be a gun store called Constitution Arms.

“It is fairly clear that someone has a problem with firearms,” he told

From what I know of New Jersey, it’s more like they have a problem with personal freedom and self-responsibility.

The best way to deal with these places is not to deal with them. Don’t patronize businesses there, and tell them why. Live there and love your freedom? Move. Deprive them of your industry, your ingenuity and most importantly, your taxes. Allow them to sink into the morass of their own making.

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