We want our free healthcare!

Some North Carolina hospitals sue patients who fail to pay their bills. (They want to get paid for services rendered; go figure.)  The NC NAACP says that’s a bad thing because you’re picking on poor people and they want the hospitals to stop. 

Me, I think being poor sucks in a lot of ways.  You can’t have nice cars, you don’t get to live in a good neighborhood, people may not provide you services they don’t think you can pay for and so on.  I started out relatively poor, and it’s why I’ve worked really hard to not be poor.  I figured out fairly early that being poor sucks and I don’t like it.

Perhaps others ought to try it sometime.  Before someone decides that the free ice cream has ran out and all you get is carrot sticks.

1 thought on “We want our free healthcare!

  1. Amazing how many of these 'poor' people manage to have the latest, most expensive cell phones, watches, gold jewelry, and blinged-out cars. Yet they expect others to pay for the 'essentials.' It's all about priorities.

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