Good news, bad news

Bad News: Couple follows GPS directions, gets lost.
Worse News: In the snow on a Forest Service road.
Worst News: They get stuck in 6″ of snow in a 4WD. (So how crappy are your driving skills?)

Good News: They are prepared with blankets, warm clothes, food and water.
Better News: They were smart enough to stay with the vehicle.
Best News: Somehow, they get cell phone service and are rescued.

The Good News wins. Lessons learned: Prepare properly for winter travel, know your limitations and for Pete’s sake, apply a little sanity checking to the damn GPS instructions.

(Edit, 12/30/2009 2032:A new articlesays that A) It isn’t the Air Force’s fault (What numbnuts thinks it is?) and that our intrepid autoists got stuck in 18″ of snow; so I’ll cut them some slack on the driving skills thing.)

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