Well, this is certainly going well

(All links via the Drudge Report)

The coronation of the Big O is some 2 days away and he’s doing a traveling road show on his way to the event. Unfortunately the ticket price is a bit expensive, so a lot of people will have to sit it out on the sidelines. Bad economy, you know.

The blathering idiots who called the price tag of George Bush’s last inauguration excessive in a bad economy are preparing for a 4 day party that will cost 3 times as much during an economy that is far worse. This is from the liberal playbook, where Play 6A is to accuse your opponents of doing what you want to do.

Hillary Clinton, the incoming Secretary of State has already developed a case of “foot in mouth” disease. Either that or she’s telegraphing the new administration’s position toward Afghanistan, which would be an even worse case.

On the personal hygiene side, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says the the Big O could use a bath. I guess he didn’t have time to shower after his last gym visit.

But hey, the Big O just says that if we would just get organized, things would be better.

On the bright side, rhetoric from Team Big O, aimed at toning down expectations of our new Leader must working well. Even Russian President Vladamir Putin is warning folks that the “big expectations” they have of the Big O may not be fully met.

And we still have 2 days to go until he’s actually the President.

Bet you never thought you’d look back on the Carter presidency with nostalgia, did ya?

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