John Mauldin’s best “Thoughts From the Frontline”. Ever.

I’ve been reading John Mauldin’s “Thoughts From the Frontline” for a long time. While I find his default viewpoint of the world of government, business and economics very different from mine, that difference is what makes him worth reading. He tends to be less gloomy than many of those I follow. He is more apt to believe in government solutions to problems than I am. He seems to believe that government can do good but usually mucks it up, while I believe that government sometimes does good by sheer accident.

But as I’ve noted, he’s worth reading. His current “Thoughts” may be his best (I think it is). He covers several topics, including unexpected consequences of “Operation Twist” and the fact that, with no apologies to all Republican candidates save Rick Perry, Social Security really is a Ponzi scheme–and one that is about to collapse. I was particularly interested in his thoughts on Operation Twist; I normally don’t follow pension funds and such. Very interesting stuff indeed.

He also covers the possibility of a market crash tomorrow. I’ve been picking up murmurers of this possibility since Friday evening, but he actually says why he expects it.

I’m going to be watching the price of silver–we may have one last buying opportunity before things get really bad. Remember, if you buy, get the physical metal and have it in your hot little hands.

If silver isn’t your thing, other commodities, like polymers, steel, lead and brass, along with various food products, are always a good bet in times like these.

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