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Senate Democrats aren’t even ashamed of being whores and pimps.

To those of you who live in states other than Nebraska and Louisiana, allow me to point out something: the tax money that is taken from you at the point of a gun is going to these states to buy the votes of two US Senators. In the case of Nebraska, it’s going to be going there forever.

For those of you who voted for Democrats for senator in states other than Nebraska and Louisiana–Democrat Senators who are going along with this bit of legalized prostitution–how do you feel? Are you proud of your elected representatives for “fixing health care”? Are you pissed that your senator didn’t hold out long enough to bring you some goodies? Or are you starting to have some buyer’s regret?

For those of you who opposed this, you may have a chance over Christmas to do something about it. These jerks will be coming home to celebrate their victory the holidays. I doubt they’re so stupid as to hold any sort of constituent meetings, but they will be out and about–they’re politicians, they won’t be able to help themselves. I’d feel free to give them a piece of my mind if I happened to run into them.

Myself, I’m going to be looking for freshman Senator Kay Hagen (Dumbass-NC). My message is going to be simple: I know of 4 votes from people who vote in every election that you will never get. I know 4 voters who will be talking to their friends about how you sold them out. I know at least 2 voters who are going to actively work against your reelection at every turn–one of them a new voter who has never been politically active before. Our intent is to bring you home, permanently.

My friends, what is your intent?

(Edit, 1919: According to Hot Air, the little black book of names is gettinglonger and longer. I guess people are reading the bill.)

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