This may come in handy

How To Wipe Your Hard Drive

While you should always wipe the drive/memory of any device your disposing of, you may find yourself in a position where you want to make absolutely sure that the data can’t be recovered. This will help you make that happen.

4 thoughts on “This may come in handy

  1. Huh, interesting. Never been much of a tech head, but knowning what might come in the future this might be useful.

  2. I use and recommend Darik's Boot and Nuke for whole-drive erasure. Some people are reporting problems with it, but I've never had any. Since it's a bootable CD, and it writes to the partition, it's filesystem agnostic.

  3. Well, Jed! Long time no hear from. Good to know that you're still around. You ever going to blog again?

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