Perhaps this time it will be different

As the US Senate prepares to drop a lump of coal in our Christmas stocking, Democrat senators are being forced to defend their actions. With only 36% of those polled “mostly supporting” the current bill, it seems that support is becoming lukewarm at best. Give this thing a few more weeks until a conference committee hammers out the details, and the proverbial red-haired stepchild will be getting more love.

Against this background, one of our North Carolina senators, Kay Hagen (Invisible-NC) has resurfaced to defend her support of the Senate version of the proposal as well as the process for getting it to this point.

“I’d say that (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid knows how to get 60 votes, and that was very important to our country in order to move forward with that legislation,” sayeth She Who Forgets Who She Works For, correctly.

For indeed, Senator Reid does know how to get those votes–bribery and coercion at a level some say is unconstitutional rather than the merely unethical of politics as usual.

The comments to the Charlotte News and Observer article, already running to 5 pages for an article just up, are entertaining and interesting. I haven’t read them all, but I haven’t seen a “Good job, Kay!” in those I have. They more along the lines of those of “Pack1977”

Hagan could not stay out of the spotlight and public when running; now no where to be found, located NOR CONTACTED. NO PROBLEM HAGAN. @ re-election, OUR MINDS would be sh shallow and forgotten. I’m told the Hagan’s can be found at Greensboro CC for anyone wanting ‘a face contact’ with her. You can run, hide, not communicate Hagan, the NC voters know your vote is what’s best FOR YOU, NOT US. $$$ from outside this state elected you, along with Obama’s coattail. That coattail will be cut next election. If anyone knows of a sighting or a place Hagan will be in person, please share with others, so we can ‘connnect’ with our esteemed senator. Public financing of abortion..right, Hagan, you have NC values!!! Your time is ticking……

While you could wish for a bit more eloquence, the sentiment is unmistakable. The voters are pissed. Very pissed, and it’s possible that the political tactic of “Oh, they’ll forget about it by the next election,” may not work this time.

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