The difference between Obama and Romney is a bucket of warm spit


I want someone (*cough* the NRA *cough*) to tell me one more time that we need Romney to so we can appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

I want someone to tell me again that Romney is really conservative. Hell,the jackass’s own people are mouthing “It’s a penalty! just at the point where our only reasonable hope is that “It’s a tax!”

I want someone totell me one more effing time how I should vote for the most conservative person running who can be elected, because something is better than nothing.

It’s page 605 in Atlas freaking Shrugged, and I am over it. Over every damn bit of the lies I’ve bought into for years. And I’m over people who I otherwise respect telling me to keep doing the same old thing over and over again when it provably doesn’t work.

Sure, I’ll go vote, just on the off chance it helps. As a matter of fact, I did it yesterday–early voting in a runoff election. And you know what? I voted for the most balls-out conservatives running. The people who at least are saying that they’re for individual liberty, less government and all that other good stuff. And in the contests where that choice wasn’t presented? I didn’t vote–left ’em blank. That’s because it doesn’t matter who gets elected when we’re being presented with a false choice.

On this high holy day in the history of freedom, think about it for a bit. In between the ballgames, the BBQs, complaining about the heat and whatever else it is you have planned, please stop and consider the future. Where is it you want to grow old? Where is it you want your kids to grow up? Where is it you want to take your grandkids to the range to shoot, or the lake to fish, or out in the backyard to play?

Because, boys and girls, if you want it to be America, you’d damn well better get off your ass and start doing something for your and your posterity’s freedom today.

Edit, 2117: Now Romney says it’s a tax. Flip-flopin’ so-and-so. I wouldn’t dislike him half so much if he just actually acted like he believed in something.

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