Looking for the Lexington Gun Show?

I’m seeing a lot of “Lexington Gun Show” searches hitting the blog lately. Are you guys bored? Do you need something to do? Is that little “I gotta buy a gun!” itch getting to you?

Well, have no fear. The show will go on, but it’s no longer going to be the Lexington Gun Show. I have it on good authority that it outgrew the Davidson County Fairgrounds. Now it’s the Triad Gun Show, and will be happening October 17 (9 – 5) and 18 (9 – 4) at 1618 National Highway in Thomasville, NC.

Even though Daughter is going to be home for fall break and the NC State Fair is on the agenda, I’m still going to try and get in a visit.

Edit, 10/12/2009 1031: The owner of the gun show speaks. Growing from 180 to 250 tables in over twice the space will be a good thing. As long as all the new tables aren’t jewelry and jerky. that is. Look for a report after the show.

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