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(Via Chaos Manor)

They Didn’t Attack Switzerland is a “sort of” two part article, and both “parts” are worth reading. In the first part the author, Bill Walker, examines why no one attacks Switzerland. He makes some George Washington-esque points about the Swiss habit of avoiding foreign entanglements (and minding their own business), and how this plus a strong civil defense system has lead to many years of peace and prosperity for the Swiss people. (He also makes a pith point that “US policy is the evil-parallel-universe inverse of the Swiss.” I hate to say it, but there if you grant him his basic premise on why Switzerland stays out of trouble, it’s more than a little accurate.

In the second part, he makes some valid points on the US’ lack of a civil defense infrastructure and how, for far less than we’re spending on our current security theater, we could have a real civil defense and protection from the nightmare terrorist scenarios. He also gives advice on what us “Joe Averages” can do for ourselves, since our Federal Government seems to be ignoring the task.

I think it’s worth your time to read and consider.

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