Now for the good news

(Courtesy of the Second Amendment Foundation)

I’m sure my fellow gunnies remember New Orleans’ little problem with the Second Amendment, in which the privately owned firearms of New Orleans citizens were confiscated shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

Well, the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit shortly thereafter and won. Part of the settlement was an order to return the confiscated firearms to their rightful owners. New Orleans, in typical corrupt fashion, denied that any gun confiscations had ever happened–incriminating TV footage not withstanding.

So the SAF and the NRA filed a motion to get the city, the mayor and the police chief held in contempt.

Interestingly, The Big Sleazy suddenly had the revelation that, why darn, they really did confiscate over 1,000 guns, and have been storing them in the city.

Better yet:

Under an agreement with the court, the hearing on the contempt motion has been continued for two weeks, the attorneys said. During that time, according to Holliday and fellow attorney Stephen Halbrook, the city will establish a process by which the lawful owners of those firearms can recover their guns.

This is good news, but I don’t think it’s enough. They ought to have to deliver them to the lawful owners, along with a sincere apology. Then they need to bend over and hold that position while those lawful owners give them a swift kick in the ass, just as a reminder.

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