Spin, spin and spin some more

I’m sure you recall the breathless reports earlier this year about the veritable flood of guns from the US to Mexico (no doubt to compensate the Mexicans for the absolute flood of their citizens northward, but I digress). Why, it was an apocolypse in the making, and we might even have to revoke US citizens rights to keep and bear arms to stop it.

Uh-huh. Sure.

So after months of increased BATFE-EIEIO activity at the border, we have this equally breathless report from KRGV in Rio Grande Vally, Texas:

Federal agents are disrupting cross-border gun smuggling, and they’re focusing on the Valley. After a four month intense effort to stop gun smuggling, ATF agents are pinpointing the smugglers and tips are leading them to our border.

100 agents with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms sifted through leads and after a four month special operation, they identified gun smugglers working for the gulf cartel. Armando Salas, Assistant Special Agent in Charge says, “Our goal is to try and disrupt the firearm and trafficking infrastructure both on the Mexican side and on the U.S. side.”

The valley is what they call a “target rich environment.” Salas says, McAllen and Brownsville are what we call the third largest hub for trafficking routes for sources of firearms. We have a number of investigations, almost double the number of investigations out of Brownsville these past four months alone from individuals that are involved in purchasing firearms.”

Feel free to go read the entire story (there are a few more paragraphs) and watch the 1:54 video report. Read and listen carefully, because the astute reader/listener is going to notice something.

No numbers. No statistics. No arrests, perhaps?

What? Why, it’s a “target rich environment”–how could this be? The third largest gun trafficking hub and there seem to have been no arrests. A bit odd, don’t you think? A number of investigations that have been going on for months, and no arrests.

If I were the ATF agent in the video interview, I’d be dizzy from spinning so much.

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