Time to piss some people off

(Found on Facebook.  Damn but that place is turning out to be useful after all.)

I’ve never made much of a deal of it here on the blog, but I’m pretty heavily pro-Israel.  And that’s why I find this video both funny as hell and something that all the pro-Palestinians here in the US ought to be forced to watch.  Because this is what a suicide bombing looks like.  I find it funny because this time it was Palestinians bombing themselves (through their own stupidity).  Anyone who watches this and then looks up how many of these the Israelis have endured over the years will never–ever–doubt their right to defend themselves against such as these.


3 thoughts on “Time to piss some people off

  1. Sean, you're correct. That does explain one thing I noticed, which was the rather good condition of the deceased for someone who supposedly had been a postmortem suicide bomber. (Found it on Facebook, should have never trusted the commentary. Migraines were involved.) Knowing where to look, apparently bombing funerals is something of a time-honored thing in Syria (https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=syrian%20funeral%20explosion).

    However, even though it isn't Palestinians blowing themselves up, the comment I made still stands. Seeing what one of these looks like, even on camera, tells me that the Israelis are far more restrained than any government I ran would ever be. One of these and Gaza would have become a green glass parking lot the first time the wind was right.

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