Picture? I don’t see any picture.

OK, not all cops are bad. Stipulated.

However, enough are that we always need bear in mind that it happens. In that spirit, Claire Wolfe has a very interesting picture in this post, with a link to a Radley Balko post on his blog, The Agitator. Be sure to read the whole post; it’s quite interesting.

Now here’s the interesting part. Claire actually posts the picture. Radley doesn’t, I’d guess copyright reasons. He does link to it, however, the link is broken–“Image not available.” Hm-m-m. I go to the web site for the 61st College Photographer of the Year, and guess what? No photo. It’s been removed “at request of photographer”.

The photo was taken of a small incident during a Durham drug raid. Justin Cook, the photog, is from Chapel Hill.

Now check this map to see if you get the picture.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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