Well–the truth from a politician

Arlyn Specter, (RINO-PA), announces officially what we already knew–he’s a Democrat.

A lot of people are going to hyperventilate at this, but I’m not. Yes, it moves the Dems closer to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. However, they had that anyway, seeing as Specter, always one who wanted to be perceived as an “independent voice in the Senate”, voted against conservative principles time after time (as in, he voted with the Dems).

Now that the GOP doesn’t have to worry about keeping Specter in the fold, they may grow a pair (unlikely, I know) and actually get someone with some solid conservative credentials to run for that seat.

(Yes, I know Pat Toomey isn’t perfect. He’s a little too socially conservative for my taste, but as many before me have said, Mr. Perfect isn’t running. Toomey hasgood pro-gun and pro-business creds, and I can go with that. If the Republicans are smart, they will too.)

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