California East is a bit less California starting tomorrow

And it’s about freaking time that North Carolina’s mish-mash of self-defense laws were normalized.

Changes to the state’s Castle Doctrine Law that take effect Thursday do not require people to run before they fight back with a gun. The law expands the use of reasonable deadly force to include cars and workplaces if a person under attack fears imminent death or serious bodily harm.

And in a “sorta” nod to the recent passage of an act to mandate national recognition of concealed carry licenses in the same way that we not recognize drivers licenses, North Carolina will also recognize your concealed carry permit no matter what state you got it in–and no matter whether or not that state recognizes ours.

Now, if we can get the silliness involving carrying during “declared emergencies” (like snow storms) and carrying in places where alcohol is consumed addressed, we’ll be really on the road to normalizing things. Dare I hope for carry on school grounds, a la our neighbor Virginia?

Be still my beating heart!

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