As if we need something else to watch

It seems that the CDC is in a bit of a tizzy about the swine flu.

Myself, I can’t make up my mind on just how concerned to be. This could be another flash in the pan (I’m old enough to remember the last swine flu scare), or this could be the pandemic we’ve been waiting for–the one that brings the world’s population down a few percent.

For now, it’s the watchful waiting thing. Two resources I’m going to use for now are this Google Map, and following @CDCEmergency on Twitter. I’m not sure that the Twitter account is actually the CDC, but it’s got a good selection of news tweeting across it, so I’m going with it.

I’m not sure how useful the legacy media is going to be on this, but I’m keeping an eye there as well.

Don’t forget the old advice about avoiding those who are doing the Sir Hack-and-Sneeze-A-Lot routine and washing those hands. It’s also good advice to avoid putting your hands in your mouth, nose or eyes as well–mucous membranes are wonderful breeding environments for all sorts of bugs, including flue viruses.

More on the subject as it’s warranted.

(Edit 1830: Another resource (viaTwitter).Healthmapallows you to map not only swine flu, but all kinds of disease outbreaks.)

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