Am I the only one who thinks our lord and master is flailing about?

Treasury’s Toxic Asset Plan Would Cost $1 Trillion
Wait a second…I thought the $700 billion TARP was supposed to handle that.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Rebuffs Obama Message
It’s kind of hard to blame him–as weak as that message sounded, I’d hold out for more too.
Obama: US must have “exit strategy” in Afghanistan
You mean “cut and run” isn’t a strategy?

Venezuela’s Chavez calls Obama “ignoramus”
Well, what can you say? If you subscribe to the theory of “It takes one to know one”, then Chavez is particularly well-placed to make this judgment.

Obama says would not accept Geithner resignation
Yet. By the time he will, it’ll be too late.

Obama on the Tonight Show
Well, why not? His entire presidency so far as been a bad joke so far. Where’s Chuck Barris when we need him?

Romer: Firms Will Buy Toxic Assets Because ‘We Need Them to Do This’
“And if you don’t play ball, let me remind you about AIG…”

Pitiful. Just pitiful.

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