Wolves don’t attack people

That’s what the planet-savers all tell us. They tell us that the wolves are more scared of us than we are of them. They tell us that we don’t need a gun for personal protection when we go into the woods. Well, tell it to this teacher–but you’d better shout it loud.

Our ancestors hunted out all of the big predators where they lived for a reason. The old business about “the wolf at the door” isn’t some cute turn of phrase, but a racial memory of times when we were cold and hungry–and so were the wolves.

1 thought on “Wolves don’t attack people

  1. The first think my dad taught me when I begun to go hunting. When you step into the tree line you have become part of the food chain.

    Wolves, like us, are apex preditors. Sadly, unlike the wolves, we have become too domesticated.

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