I’ve noticed something this week

Outside of the simple fact that being insanely busy leads to a lack of blogging, that is.

There seems to be a bit of a split in Democrats in Washington. A couple of examples:

Somewhere in the bowels of the DoD, some minimally aware bureaucrat decided that military surplus fired brass had to be “mutilated” so that it was truly scrap brass. Can’t have all that evil metal turned back into killer ammo.

Two Montana senators, both Democrats, sent a nice letter to DoD and, lo and behold, DoD says “Oopsie! Did I do that?” and the mutilated brass is made whole. Crises averted, at least for now.

Now, via various and sundry sources on the Intertubz (this particular link is from Michael Bane), we find out that 65 House Democrats have sent Attorney General Holder (God, I can’t even type that and not smirk) a nice letter that says “Yo! Loserboy! Try to get another one of those scarey gun bans passed and we aren’t going to help you.”

Now, mind you that we aren’t seeing this sort of split on every issue. After all, House Democrats hung together (and even got some Republican help) on the GIVE (or else) Act. I’m betting we’ll see the same dynamic in a confiscatory tax bill when it’s voted on by the House.

So what does this mean? I think it means that we may be entering a period in which the partisans of various issues, such as Second Amendment rights, are going to have to carefully pick their friends on each issue. Your friend on gun rights may not be your friend on the economy. Your friend on the economy may be perfectly happy to confiscate 90% of your income. A time of constantly shifting alliances will challenge each of us to stay on our toes.

Keeping informed is going to be just as important as any other preparation you can make for bad times.

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