A thing of beauty

Via Tam, we find this jewel of political thought:

Gun-people are so used to being mistaken for a fireplug by the dogmatic that the GOP’s vague hints thattheylook okay with a bag overourheads sounds like True Love to our battered ears.

And yes, boys and girls, it gets better from there. Roberta X needs to be mandatory reading for the “Close your eyes and think of America” crowd who is trying to persuade us to vote for McCain.

I haven’t been blogging politics much this go-round because I have this sense of “We’ve lost.” By that, I mean that, no matter who is elected in November, those of us who love our Country and respect its Constitution are going to be left on the outside, standing in the snow, peering in a window at the leftists of various stripes cutting pieces off the cooked carcass that used to be our Federal system.

I had hoped that Fred Thompson might be our candidate, but that died aborning. Dr. Paul, bless his heart, isn’t ever going to be President, and will probably be lucky to keep his Congressional seat.

Perhaps a wide-spread write-in campaign for Micky Mouse might get the message across to both parties that the party is over. Either that or a national collapse should work.

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