Are you Joe?

(Via Varifrank. Graphic from Iowahawk, who started the meme sweeping around the blogosphere with this post.)

Think about it–are you Joe? Do you work at a job, mind your own business, make some mistakes and pay for them, try to make things better for yourself and your family? Do you have the naivete to say what’s on your mind, no matter who you’re talking to?

Then, my friend, you are Joe. The world is made up of Joes. They may be imperfect, but it’s an imperfect world–and they keep it turning. One Joe may unclog your pipes. Another Joe fixes your car. One runs the grocery store where you stopped on the way home for milk, bread and 2 rolls of paper towels.

Now Joe, I want you to reflect on just who lately has taken your name and dragged it through the mud, and just why they’ve done it. Then get good and mad. Hold that anger until November 4, and go vote for the guy that those miserable slugs hate–you know, the one with the white hair and the partially crippled arms. The one who had the temerity to select a woman–a conservative woman–as his vice-presidential pick. That’s the best way to get back at them.

(Edit: Good Lord–me and Varifrank are running on the same track. I swear I hadn’t read down his blog before writing that. Of course, he said it much better than I did, dammit.)

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