Exceptional professionalism is a job requirement

Before someone want to bash me as a “cop hater”, let me point out a little something–if you are in a position of exceptional responsibility, then you’d better expect to be held to a higher standard than Joe Average. If you don’t, this is what will eventually happen to you:

The Hoboken, N.J., SWAT team was axed from the department on Friday after pictures surfaced showing Hooters waitresses posing with their guns, sprawled on top of police vehicles and dangling off the shoulders of officers….

And no, it doesn’t matter if they were departmental guns or not. It doesn’t matter if they were in uniform or not. It doesn’t matter if they were in Hoboken or not. What matters is that they thought that they wouldn’t be held to that higher standard called for by their positions of exceptional responsibility.

It pisses me off that these idiots were allowed to keep their jobs. Why? They’ve already demonstrated that their standards of behavior are somewhat less than expected.

As a holder of a concealed carry permit, I have an exceptional responsibility. I carry around an item that gives me a huge advantage, and if necessary, tremendous coercive power over most people I meet. By the laws of my state and my senses of personal responsibility and morality, I must perform to a higher level than the unarmed public. If I display that gun inappropriately, believe me when I say that I will be held to a very high standard. I can conceivably lose the gun, the permit and go to jail. Why should our police, charged with enforcing the law, be held to a lesser standard?

Dumbasses. Thank you so much for helping hammer the public’s trust in their police again.

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