Compromise with gun grabbers?

Not if you value your rights, you don’t.

GRNC has another update on the Sen. Boseman Gun Grab of 2007 that I posted on earlier. It seems that the heat that has been brought to bear is making it a bit hot in the Senate kitchen–although judging from the nature of the “compromise” she’s offering, it isn’t nearly hot enough. GRNC reports that Senator Boseman says

Because of concerns that retail outlets with playgrounds might fall under these provisions, it is likely that the playground provision may be removed from the bill during committee consideration.

Now let me see if I get this right: You’ve been catching some flack because your gun grab plan has went awry, and your idea of a compromise is that one of many odious parts of the bill “may” be removed in committee.

Senator, I may have been born at night, but it damn sure wasn’t last night. No way is this an acceptable compromise. Let me offer you one:

Withdraw SB8 and SB9.

Now. There’s a compromise that gun owners can live with. Keep the heat on Senator Boseman and on your senator as well, and let’s get our kind of compromise for a change.

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