Pretty sad

We had 11 Trick or Treaters tonight. Yes, I said eleven. We gave up at 8:30, after 45 minutes without so much as a single kid. Pretty damn sad. We used to go out in groups that big when I was a kid.

I’m not upset because we put a ton of effort into decorating, because we didn’t. I’m not upset because we bought a bunch of candy that we have to get rid of. What bothers me is the simple fact that kids aren’t trick or treating any more. Yeah, the world’s a big scary place, but for crying out loud, you can’t wrap your kids up in bubble wrap. By all means go along for the walk and keep an eye on them, but let your kids get out and have a little fun.

And for all you people who don’t buy some candy and flip on the porch light to attract the little ghosties and goblins–shame on you. If you’re well and truly poor, and can’t afford it, fine. If you have to work, fine, But the rest of you–what’s the problem? Is it too much work? You don’t like kids? You’re afraid they’ll trample the flowers? Did some little miscreant throw a candy wrapper in your yard 10 years ago? What?

It’s a damn pitiful state of affairs, I’m tellin’ ya.

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