Amnesty for illegals

You know, some people just refuse to take “HELL NO!” for an answer. It seems that the concept of amnesty for illegal aliens is going to creep our from under that rock again, this time in the form of the DREAM Act of 2007.

Cleverly disguised as an education bill (After all, who can be against education, right?), this bill appears, at least on a quick read, to be a back-door attempt to grant legal status to illegal aliens in the name of educating their children. Of course, I can’t see the need for this; if you visit most schools in NC they’re already overrun with the illegal alien children of illegal alien adults, getting a free (well, for them, anyway) education.

You can get more information, including a list of Congresscritters who are said to be wavering or outright supporting this legislation at the NumbersUSA web site. Luckily, NC’s two Senators are are the right side of the issue, but those of you find yourself saddled with one or more CCs that aren’t need to get on the stick and call, email and generally make pests of yourselves.

Folks, things like this are like us gunnies’ long-running battle for our Second Amendment rights–you have to win every time, and the other side only has to win once. Let’s be sure they don’t get that win this time.

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