And here we are

Twelve years on from the darkest day in my living memory.  I won’t bore you with where I was or what I thought or what I did.   Search the blog for it if you care to; it’s in here, hidden away in some corner among the old musty bits.

Somehow, things don’t seem to have changed for the better much, despite another year of ol’ President Hopey-Dopey-Changey and all his self-involved blow-hard BS.  Nothing but more of the same “Gee but I just love to hear myself talk!  Don’t I have a wonderful speaking voice!  It’s so damn good you don’t care if all I’m doing is reading from the Federal Register, you idiots just lap it up as long as I coat it in Federal Reserve Notes for you!”

All is not dark on this anniversary of a dark day, however.  In Colorado, the citizens of that state have risen up in righteous anger and shown two total asshat politicians the door.  Even that good news is tainted by news of a further gun ban in California, where I urge folks to vote with their effing feet rather than trying to persuade themselves that they’re “fighting the good fight” on our behalf.  Still, I take my good news where I can find it.

Denied a parade permit, tens of thousands of bikers made a loud and free noise in Washington DC today, thumbing their noses at the powers that be and drowning out those who sought to rewrite the history of this day.  I have to wonder if they could have found some tea and a harbor what would have happened.

One year on, we wait for the likes of our President and our current and former Secretaries of State to answer for their actions and inactions when our embassy in Benghazi was attacked.  The shades of brave men do not rest easy while they walk free.

Just a day on, I am Laughing My Fucking Ass Off at the discomfort of two of those same worthies as they dance about trying to explain just how a throw-away remark by John “I hated the Vietnam War but I’m all for bombing the shit out of Syria since I don’t have to go there” Kerry has been turned by the President…wait for it…of Russia…into a peace overture that may give everyone concerned a face-saving if not exactly truthful way of avoiding the road to WW III or its general vicinity.  Last night’s speech was perhaps His Chicagoness’s highest effort of being against it after he was for it after he was against it.  It’s a wonder his head didn’t actually spin on camera as he tried to keep up with his own position changes.

And thus endeth my obligatory September 11 post.

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