This is what setting a timetable to end a war gets you

Al Qaeda’s No. 2 mocked both U.S. President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress bill setting a pullout timetable for U.S. troops from Iraq, in a new insurgent video obtained Saturday by a U.S.-based group.

OK, once more with feeling. Killing these Muslo-jihadis is like killing cockroaches. The job’s done when the last one is dead.

You can’t bargain with them, and you can’t play “live and let live”. They don’t just hate us, they want us dead. The only way to win is to win so completely that they never want to tangle with us again. And for a group that is still killing each other over things that occurred more than a thousand years ago, that’s going to mean killing them all.

Just like you do when you have cockroaches.

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