Mark my words

This will bite us right on the ass at some point in the future.

Prosecutors have reopened hundreds of dormant investigations of former Nazi death camp guards and others who might now be charged under a new precedent set by the conviction of retired U.S. autoworker John Demjanjuk, The Associated Press has learned.

Now, before some idiot jumps in and pulls Godwin’s Law from his pocket–No, I’m not a Nazi. I don’t approve of what they stood for or what they did.

However, what I’m seeing here is the extension of the war crimes trials of WWII for that interesting concept of “crimes against humanity”. I understand that at the time no one wanted to see the men who led the world to the brink of destruction “get away with it”. However, in a rush to justice, precedents were set that have already been misused by those who mean us harm.

These will go even further down that road. In a rush to get in one last blow to old Nazis, we’re all going to shoot ourselves in the foot.

I await, with firm certainty, the first US servicemen to be tried under this new precedent.

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