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While I haven’t gotten any comments on the subject, I’ll bet more than a few people have thought something along the lines of “Gee, another cop hater,” in response to this post.

This article has some interesting evidence that, yes indeed, government and law enforcement officers know that speeding tickets are a nice source of revenue. The writer picked out some meaty quotes from a NJ state trooper’s union discussion forum:

“There are many more of “us’ than there are of “them,’ ” wrote “letsroll,” adding, “The tickets generate a large revenue for the state, and if the slowdown is done properly, we can make a change!”

“Crush the whole month of May and slow down for the next 5-7 weeks,” urged “letsdoit.”

These quotes were in response to remarks, news coverage and so on in the wake of New Jersey Gov. Corzine’s accident last month, where it was found that Da Gov was not wearing his seat belt (despite a NJ las that says he must) and that his state trooper driver was doing 91 MPH–in other words, speeding.

Gov. Corzine at least had the guts to demand his ticket and pay the fine for breaking the law. NJ state troopers apparently are not so upstanding. They think that somehow, wearing a badge grants them immunity from the laws they enforce.

Nice attitude, guys. Real nice. Vivid evidence of why faith in our police is slowly waning.

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