Building Solar “Stuff”

As I was continuing my research on solar power, I ran into the BuildItSolar web site. Lots of nifty stuff, including a section that is just up my alley: Frugal Living Energy Ideas. One that is particularly interesting is suing bubble wrap as a window insulator. You can’t see clearly through it, but it will still pass light while increasing the R value of your windows dramatically. Pair this with their Cardboard Shutter, and people in extremely cold climates, or people in places where winter is rough, or just folks in houses that are suddenly just too expensive to heat may find a difference between cold and cozy.

Let’s see, 3 layers of cardboard sandwiching 2 layers of bubble wrap, each of which has a layer of aluminum foil…fitted tightly to the windows…removable during the day, or replaced with a layer of bubble wrap if perfect visibility isn’t necessary…

Yeah, we may be onto something here….

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