Unclear on the concept

(Via Drudge)

University of Pennsylvania president Dr. Amy Gutmann is obviously unclear on the concept “Why suicide bombers are bad.” I say this with more than some confidence after she posedwith UPenn studentSaad Saadi who was dressed as one.

Dressed as “Glinda the Good Witch” (more like “Glinda the Dumb rhymes with witch”, given that her father fled Hitler and the Nazis in 1934), the smiling Gutmann posed with a grim appearing Saadi, who was later quoted in the campus paper as saying he was dressed as a “freedom martyr”.

The Freeholder’s suggested remedial actions? First, Dr. Gutmann needs to lose her job. She has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is unqualified. If her judgment is this poor, who needs her running a university?

Second, if Saadi is here on a student visa (or any visa), he’s immediately deported. If he’s a citizen, then he needs to be fully investigated as a potential terrorist suspect.

I know I shouldn’t be, but I am constantly amazed at the human race.

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