Death by hanging

Well, if you’ve been under a rock all day, Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death by hanging for “crimes against humanity”.

OK, I can go with this. By any normal standard, the guy was a ruthless, bloody, vicious bastard, as were most of his family, friends and acquaintances. He’s getting (assuming the execution is carried out) somewhat less than he deserves. The world will hardly be the worse when he’s gone.

I’m also amused that the “explosion of violence” that the lamestream media was panting for hasn’t happened, at least so far. Yeah, there’s been some disturbances in some predominantly Sunni areas, but nothing out of line with an ordinary day in Iraq. It’s simply astounding how little this bunch knows. Then again, when you never get out of the Green Zone, I guess it’s easy to be uninformed.

My main problem is with the whole “crimes against humanity” thing. I’m not comfortable with how it’s been applied ever since the concept was dreamed up during the early part of the last century. The Nuremberg trials, while not a travesty of justice, still lead to the execution and imprisonment of some for whom “I was following orders” should have been an allowable defense.

At some point, the whole “crimes against humanity” thing is going to come around and bite the United States (or more likely, some of our military) squarely on the behind. Some of our “not quite enemies” have already tried to have George Bush hauled before the World Court on such allegations. I believe that it’s also been proposed for some of our military personnel.

One of these days, the leftist loons will find themselves with enough (hopefully temporary) power that they will successfully pursue one of these prosecutions. And then, the fun will begin.

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