The one, and I do mean only, show that I watch on network TV is CBS’ Jericho. For those who don’t indulge, the basic story is “What happens in the town of Jericho, KS after a nuclear detonation.”

The good point of the show is that it’s fast-paced–you don’t get bored with it. The bad point is that a lot of things are inaccurately portrayed, such as radiation effects. Of course, as an example, if the radiation in the story line had worked as it would in the real world, it would have been a really short series. (Episode 1, bombs go off. Episode 2, a fallout-laden rain hits a pretty much defenseless Jericho. Episode 3, everyone is dying to radiation poisoning.)

Still, for someone with my, shall we say, particular outlook on life, the show is like a really good roller coaster ride–it keeps you wound with adrenaline. Of course, it also gives me a case of the screamin’ willies every week, along with the near unstopable urge to go stock up on something else.

If you’re not watching it, or have missed it, you can go to Innertube and catch up.

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