An observation

Last night, a cold front passed through, bringing rain and much cooler temperatures. On the drive to work this morning, the change in leaf colors was very perceptible. Yesterday, in the sun, everything seemed green. Shades of green, not the near-uniform dark green of summer.

Leaves, knocked off by the night’s rain, lay on the road and in yards. A cool wind and the passage of cars stirred them. Rain splatted on the windshield as I drove.

I’m off to Camp Freehold for the weekend. It’s going to be cool, and I’m taking what has become a rare weekend off from working on something or other in order to take the kids to the range. Old Friend’s Son is also going to make the trip; he needs to zero his deer rifle before gun season starts.

Saturday night will mean a meal of chili and a sitdown around a campfire.

I think fall is officially here.

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