Pruning the HP rot

I missed the story yesterday that criminal charges have been filed in the HP spying-leaking case. According to, former Chairman Patricia Dunn and former HP senior lawyer Kevin Hunsaker, along with a private detective and an employee at a data broker are scheduled to turn themselves in tomorrow.

Of course, there is a political aspect to this, as the California Attorney General’s office is involved, but it’s nice to know someone is at least looking at this.

I’d still like to know just exactly how a company of HP’s history and stature could allow themselves to ever get involved in something like this. One of the soon-to-be defendant’s lawyers said that his guy did nothing wrong, but was acting “…to end an unprecedented and prolonged breach of fiduciary duties that was harming the company.”

Maybe so, but I still think there were other ways than taking unethical and possibly illegal actions. Two wrongs don’t make a right, as the old fellow used to say.

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