Big Bada Boom!

So let’s see a show of hands out there–who is surprised that North Korea was able to develop a nuclear weapon?

Yeah, that’s about what I thought. Not a lot of shock around here. After all, we provided them with food and fuel, excuse me, humanitarian aid, which allowed them to pour what little funding they had into the project. Add that to a whack-job totalitarian dictator with a bomb fetish, and presto!

Three things that I’ll be interested to see developments on. First, I wonder how long it will take the Japanese to develop their own bomb? They already have the expertise and the missiles to deliver it. Given their engineering abilities, the thing will be the size of a suitcase (Whoo-hoo, a real suitcase nuke!) and will be able to track down dear old Kim and send him blazing to wherever.

Second, China has now lost some big face. Don’t expect them to take this lying down. I don’t have a clue what they might do, but I suspect it will not be pleasant for the Norks.

Third, how long will it be before this whole thing is Bush’s fault?

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