Messages from the past

(Via Worldnet Daily)

They have lain unopened in a horse manger in a forgotten part of the Belgian countryside for more than 60 years. But now, a set of incredibly well-preserved letters, prayer books, cigarettes and cartoons abandoned by American troops days before the Battle of the Bulge have been discovered.

At the start of the Battle of the Bulge, men of US Army’s 2/26, 1st Infantry Division moved forward to counterattack the Germans who were attacking through the Ardennes. They left behind everything not absolutely essential to fighting, like letters. Over 60 years later, the letters have been found and are being returned to those men, or their families.

The curator of Belgium’s Remember Museum, to whom the collection of letters has been passed, has made contact with the First Division museum in Illinois in an attempt to track down the soldiers.

To M. Marcel Schmetz, the Curator of the Remember Museum, I’d like to say “Thank you, sir. Your kindness will not be forgotten.”

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