Carnivals of Cordite

Yes, I’m pointing out two, because I didn’t get to it last week (Shame on me!).

Carnival #55 has some very interesting reading, including some notes on one of my favorite pistols, the Walther P22. AnarchAngel points out that everyone should own one, and I thinks he’s right. (Of course, .22s are like potato chips, and it’s really hard to stop at just a single handful. You Have Been Warned.) Gullyborg also notes that a lot of folks actually bought a gun on BAG (Buy A Gun) Day. I unfortunately was not one of them, as I’m saving my pennies for an M-1 Garand.

Carnival #56 has some fully automatic fun, a lot of 2nd Amendment news, and more lucky folks you got to buy a gun on BAG day.

I’ve got to get back to the range so I have something of my own to write about. I hate being busy.

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