Not to forget Son

Yes, Daughter has went off to college, but Son has went to high school. We now have the rather interesting situation of two freshmen in the family.

Son is fairly fortunate to have a relatively easy semester for his initial high school experience. Environmental science, world history and Army JROTC are his biggies this time around. He’s already gotten the word that volunteering for duty (in this case, “gate guard” at Friday night’s football game) is one of the paths to advancement in rank, and has found out that his locker is worse than useless, being that it’s on the wrong side of the school this semester.

He also interested in FFA, mostly because they sponsor a skeet shooting team, and wants to try out for baseball. His interest in the academic classes is, shall we say, of a lesser level.

It’s amazing that just yesterday I was changing his diapers.

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