Protecting you from alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives…and ninjas

The ever-vigilant folks at the ATF, not content with their normal mission, have apparently extended it to help control the scourge of the ninja.

Thanks to one of those pesky cell-phone cameras, we have a visual record of the event for posterity. I assume the guy on the ground, in what appears to be a black warmup suit, is the “ninja”, and the guy in the black jacket with his knee on ninja-boy’s neck is one of our intrepid ATF agents. The fat guy in the red, well, I think he’s on the phone back to the local field office trying to find out if there have been any ninja-connected terrorist alerts.

Sometimes I think I could write an entire blog about the antics of the ATF. I won’t though, because I’m afraid it would get boring. Same old thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

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