Shooting fish in a barrel

Metaphorically speaking, of course…

Online Athens has some more information about this week’s ninja roundup. (You’ll need BugMeNot.)

Now, Jeremiah Ransom and his parents are considering filing a complaint against the agents or the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives.

I wish Mr. Ransom and his parents good luck, but I think they’re on a fool’s errand. The ATF is answerable to no one, not even the government it’s a part of (see the transcripts of the recent ATF hearings if you don’t believe me). I suspect you should content yourselves that your son was not gunned down because of these officers’ “suspicion”.

On the other hand, at least the UGA students still have a sense of humor, as this letter attributed to one student shows:

Said ninja escaped from a known ninja vs. pirate party; however, only one ninja was captured? Either the other ninjas eluded police using their real ultimate power, or the ATF made no effort to stop a larger ninja cell, choosing to capture only a token ninja.

Ninjas may seem more threatening, but if allowed, pirates will pillage the University and make off with our booty. Pirates are not as elusive as ninjas, so I am dismayed that not a one was captured.

Ladies of UGA, you’ve been warned–pirates are on the loose and after your booty!

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