The War on Terror is still on

I haven’t been blogging on the WOT much lately. At least for now, we have things in hand, as much as this thing will ever be in hand. I suspect that this war will wax and wane for the rest of my life and perhaps my kids’ lives. Scary when you consider that Daughter is beginning to think of a career in the military–but that’s the world we find ourselves in. If she goes, I won’t be the only parent to ever send a child to war.

I think that there is still room for debate, both about the nature of the war and how we conduct it. I don’t think, Democrat candidates for the Presidency and useful idiots aside, that there is any need to debate why or whether we we should be fighting it. Our dead in the Marine barracks in Beirut, on the USS Cole and of 9/11 are enough reason–but if you need more, there is the Achille Lauro hijacking, Black September, Beslan and the list goes on and depressingly on….

Blackfive has the story of CPOs Nate Hardy and Mike Koch, both of whom recently died in Iraq. In that piece is probably the best epitaph for our fallen warriors I’ve ever read. It’s worth your time.

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