Lucky kids

(Via WorldNet Daily)

Some students from the Fernandina (FL) Beach High School are really lucky–their student film production, shooting a scene at a local post office, was mistaken for a crime in progress, and a full SWAT response ensued.

On Thursday evening, the teens packed into the building with their costumes, scripts and fake plastic guns.

A patron at a bar across the street apparently missed the film equipment, only saw the plastic guns, and called the police.

“We respond as if [there was a] felony crime in in progress,” said Lt. Jim Coe with Fernandina Beach Police.

Luckily, the first person to exit the building was the postmaster, who was unarmed (either with a real or a fake gun) as was able to explain the situation to the police.

Here’s the kicker:

Officers say charges against the students are unlikely, but they might be asked to reimburse the police department.

Well, I hope charges are unlikely, but they’re going to have to reimburse the police for doing their job?

Next thing you know, we’ll have to pay a fee if we ask the cops to show up and investigate a break-in.

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