Um-m-m…might want to rethink that headline…

Justice Department eyes plan to fight ‘war on cops’

Because usually, when you’re fighting a war on something (War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on Poverty), you’re trying to get rid of the subject of the war. Just sayin’….

2 thoughts on “Um-m-m…might want to rethink that headline…

  1. War on Cops is horse manure. There isn't a war on cops. The people shooting at cops are the same people that always shoot at cops, career criminals. There's no one waving a "Don't tread on me" flag while bustin' a cap in dat pig wif a Glock fotay.

    This is just the domestic version of Operation Gunwalker. Radley Balko busted this meme in January.

  2. The article said that they were going to suggest the the cops wear bullet proof vests. My question is how come they haven't been wearing them for the last twenty years? I have a cousin that is a Texas highway patrol officer. His wife won't let him out of the house unless he is wearing his vest. It goes on right after the underwear and before putting on your pants. Its what you do!

    Actually, what I think this is is a precursor to a gun grab!

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