We can fix this

The Red & Black Cafe is no place for a man in blue.

Police Officer James Crooker was asked to leave the vegan coffee shop in Portland, Ore., last month, a discriminatory move but not altogether uncommon at the java joint, a detective told FoxNews.com.

Crooker, 36, a 2-year veteran of the force, entered the Red & Black Café on May 18 and bought a cup of coffee before a customer approached him and said she appreciated his efforts.

That’s when John Langley, one of the co-owners of the collectively managed shop, approached the cop and asked him to leave.

You know, if I were the Portland PD, I think that I’d collectively never go back. Not for any reason whatsoever. And I’d publicize it.

“The Portland PD has been informed that we’re not welcome in the Red & Black Cafe. As an agency who’s highest value is public service, in order to not cause unnecessary distress for the business owners and their customers, we will no longer patronize or respond to calls at this location.”

I wonder how long it would take the first armed robber to visit?

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  1. Actually, I agree with the shop owner. Since cops aren't required to help us until after the fact, when I want a cop around, I'll dial 9-1-1. When trouble comes, I'll take care of business and when the shooting's over, then they can come collect the pieces. Screw the blue shirt sonsofbitches.
    Shy III

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