A warning shot

Europe is so far gone down the road to Collectivism City that they probably won’t see it like this, but I have to believe that the continuing series of riots outside Paris, now spreading to other areas of France, are their “shot across the bow”.

The cultures of the great countries of Europe are in danger of extinction. They being buried under wave after wave of unassimilated immigrants, most of them from the always peaceful Moslem countries. Of course, countries like France seem incapable of facing that fact, decrying how these wonderful people have been marginalized in French society and are just trying to get ahead by rioting, burning their neighborhoods and shooting at police. (Oh wait, guns are highly controlled in France, so they couldn’t possible be shooting at the police with guns. Sorry, couldn’t resist that.)

It gets even better when the Prime Minister warns “Stop that, and I mean it this time!” for the seventh night in a row.

I wonder how upset the PM will get when the Louvre is burned?

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