Ready for a “Who gives a damn?” moment?

(Via Drudge)

Kenneth Tomlinson, board chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has apparently had enough of fighting the good fight and has resigned.

Mr. Tomlinson has been working for some time to reform the CPB and through that, “public” television in this country. (Since CPB is the single biggest source of funding for “public” TV, this could have worked.) For those who don’t understand why, it’s due to the left/liberal/progressive/whatever-they-want-to-be-called-this-month bias that many have noticed in their programming.

Of course, his enemies are using the time-honored method of accusing him of their crimes, while at the same time commending him for “his legitimate efforts to achieve balance and objectivity in public broadcasting.”

What a load of bushwa.

The only thing that irritates me more than Tomlinson’s departure is the question of why the Federal gov’ment is funding CPB in the first place. Why not do something more useful and less culturally destructive with the money, like burning it in piles in front of the Capital Building?

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