Officer Friendly apparently makes this a habit

(ViaGun Talk Radio on Facebook)

The police department is investigating a second incident involving an officer already under scrutiny for his conduct during the arrest of a man with a gun.

The circumstances of the incidents differ: One, from June, involves a driver with a license to carry a concealed gun. The other, from July of last year, concerns a backseat passenger without the legal right to be armed in a vehicle.But they both include video of patrolman Daniel Harless using profanity and threats during an early morning traffic stop.

Once again, good old Officer Harless threatens to kill someone in the video at the link above. While this incident is less clear-cut than the first, it still seems like a gross over-reaction from my perspective.

However, it could be that Officer Harless is simply acting as Cnaton Police Chief Dean McKimm apparently believes he should.

Generally speaking, police officers who encounter a gun need to let the suspect know that they view it as a life and death situation, that they are taking control and that they will do what is necessary to make sure the gun isn’t used against them, other officers or bystanders, McKimm said.

Even if the gun is legally carried and is of no threat to the officer, it seems.

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